Our Community Partners

Making Local Business Everybody’s Business

You rely on our local businesses every day—can they rely on you?
RelyLocal is a grassroots campaign to rebuild and strengthen our local economy! Local businesses are the backbone of the Ephrata-Lititz community and need our support! Patronizing local businesses means the creation of jobs and increased tax revenue that funds our schools, parks, and roads!
Become a part of the fastest-growing community-oriented initiative in the Ephrata-Lititz area today!


PCA&D selected EPAC as one of the non-profit participants in their 24-hour Designathon, a community outreach project by students and faculty that will be held on February 25 + 26. As part of the Designathon, non-profit organizations receive professional-quality design services from PCA&D students and faculty at no charge, while the students gain real-world experience creating projects for clients and managing parameters imposed by tight budgets and deadline.


Northeastern Lancaster County, with Ephrata as its hub, is an area of exciting diversity. Rich in the traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish cultures, tranquil farmland scenes blend with the bustle of modern day commerce — offering resident and visitor alike a sometimes unexpected glimpse of different worlds converging in a single locale.


Ephrata Borough is located in the northeastern section of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In addition to the historic beauty of the community, there is an abundance of recreation and public service facilities, a recreation center, two movie theaters, a playhouse, and a community pool; and many parks provide varied sources of entertainment.



We are located in Pennsylvania’s Amish country, within 90 minutes of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Hershey, and 20 minutes from Lancaster.  Downtown Ephrata is accessible to major cities, many shopping and cultural centers, airports and rail stations, yet amazingly unfazed by the urban presence.  We offer another kind of experience…one might say “vintage.” Stick around and visit with us…stroll our streets…see our sites…relax awhile…and get to know us…Downtown Ephrata.

The Ephrata Area Merchants Association is an independent organization of small business owners and executive staff members of Ephrata businesses.
Our goal is to work together to promote Ephrata’s business community as an active, thriving shopping area so we can all see increased customer traffic and increased profits.