Inclusion. Community. Excellence. Only at EPAC.

Producing cutting-edge plays and musicals since 1980.

EPAC is truly unlike any other theater in our area, and the work we do both on and offstage can truly be found only at EPAC. We pride ourselves on telling stories that are not only important to us, but to our community that has supported us for so long.


EPAC welcomes you to the dazzling world of Cabaret, a thrilling and seductive look at nightlife of 1930’s Berlin. Step into the Kit Kat Klub and immerse yourself in its intoxicating atmosphere where eager showgirls, charismatic performers, and a captivating Emcee transport you to a world of decadence, indulgence, and unbridled passion. As the dark shadows of political unrest loom, we follow the intertwined lives of American writer Cliff Bradshaw, the enigmatic Sally Bowles, and a vibrant ensemble of characters.

With iconic music, featuring songs like “Wilkommen” and “Maybe This Time,” set to a hauntingly poignant storyline, Cabaret explores the blurred lines between love, desire, and self-expression in a world on the brink.


Get ready for a side-splitting comedy experience when EPAC presents Chicken and Biscuits!

This hilarious and heartwarming play takes you into the heart of a memorable family reunion filled with love, laughter, and a few secrets. As the Jenkins/Mabry family comes together to lay their patriarch to rest, old wounds are reopened and truths are revealed, leading to an uproariously entertaining and unexpectedly cathartic experience. With witty dialogue and relatable characters, Chicken and Biscuits explores themes of family dynamics, forgiveness, the power of laughter, and gives you a glimpse into the complexities of family life and the healing that can come from embracing authenticity and connection. 

As a nonprofit, community-based theater organization, the Ephrata Performing Arts Center (EPAC) is committed to remaining a vital part of both the Lancaster County Arts and Business communities by providing affordable thought-provoking theater entertainment.

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