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Growing up with sisters can be tough, especially when one of you has untamed ice powers. After some traumatic childhood events, it looks like things are finally turning around for Elsa and Anna. Elsa’s coronation will make her Queen of Arendelle and give Anna a chance to meet the man of her dreams. But crazy events at the party turn both their lives into a blizzard of danger, freedom, and adventure unlike anything the two ever imagined. No matter how far they drift apart, love will always bring them back together, and quite possibly save the world. Disney’s Frozen (2013 movie) became an instant worldwide sensation, thawing frozen hearts everywhere. Now, Disney’s Frozen, Jr. gives our local kids a chance to star in this fan-favorite musical for this season’s Kids4Kids show.



On behalf of EPAC’s Kids4Kids Youth Programming, we would like to thank you for visiting our webpage. Our mission is to provide our young performers not only a creative outlet but a diversity of opportunities to grow, perform, and awaken their artistic potential. Over the years, we have seen an enormous growth in our youth programming that have allowed many of upcoming youth performers to find their own voice and an exploration of vessels through wonderful experiences. Here at EPAC, we are very proud to offer our youth varies opportunities to gain the spotlight such as our Kids4Kids Junior Productions, The Young Artist Cabaret Series, and our successful Center Stage Summer Theater Camp.

As we move forward ahead to 2020, we are excited to kick our Kids4Kids series with Disney’s Frozen Jr. with performance dates January 24th – February 9th . Often time our productions are compared to the main stage productions. There our youth performers gain real-life experiences by working closely with top professionals from the areas. We are confident that our youth programming is a never ending revolving door of new experiences, helpful tools and guidance, educational mentorship, and where kids are encouraged to discover their own hidden potential. So whether you are a parent, friend, teacher, or want to get your name in lights, there is a place for you among our young programming.


Welcome to the Kids4Kids Family Series Junior Productions. Our junior productions cast on average about sixty to sixty-five youth from the ages of six to seventeen years old. Auditions are usually held in November with rehearsals running from December to February. Our Kids4Kids Junior productions have been compared to EPAC’s main stage productions. Here kids are exposed to intricate staging, vocal training, costumes, and elaborate lighting and set designs. Rehearsals are scheduled two nights a week with some weekend rehearsals. There are many opportunities for parents to be part of this experience by volunteering to assist in various capacities: ushering, concessions, costumes, parent ranger, cast party. Previous shows included Beauty and the Beast Jr, Annie Jr, The Wizard of Oz, The Little Mermaid Jr, and Aladdin Jr. We found that many of our young performers easily transition to main stage productions with confidence, with the fundamental tools to meet the expectation of being in a larger scale productions. We welcome those youth who would like to assist with the behind-the-scene mechanics, such as stage crew or spotlight operators. Whatever your strengths are, we will find a place for you.


Our vastly popular Young Artist Cabaret Series has allowed our youth ages eight to seventeen to be part of an organic and less rigorous rehearsal process. Each performer is selected through auditions led by our Kids4Kids Series Director, Irving Gonzalez. Auditions are held in the fall. Various concepts and themes for the cabaret are developed in order to have songs specifically selected for each performer. Performers are not required to attend all rehearsals. Specific times and days will be scheduled; this is a one night event. Tickets can be purchased online or through the box office. Past cabaret themes have expanded from standard Broadway musicals to pop-rock and to our most recent cabaret entitled “We Got the Beat,” a journey of rock musicals. Performers are exposed to singing in front of an audience and performing live with a three-piece band backing them up. A fun night for the entire family, this year’s performance is scheduled for Fri & Sat, Sept 18 & 19, 2020.


EPAC’s Center Stage Summer Theater Camp returns for its twelfth year, giving campers entering grades 1-7 in the fall a chance to experience the theatrical process with a newly designed hands-on approach.

EPAC’s Center Stage Summer Theater Camp is designed to inspire creativity, exercise the imagination, promote artistic confidence, and explore unique and exciting ways to tell enriching stories through the theater arts. Our professional staff will nurture individual talents in an environment rich with creative collaboration and team-building concepts. This program is designed to help the young creative mind both onstage and in the classroom environment.